You take a look at the management information and try to understand where the problem is. You find that the problem is in the fact that the MI is limited so you cannot manage or analyse any measurements to find ways to improve.

“Outsource it all” someone advises – a great idea you think, let the experts manage the service while I get on with my day job and core business.

Now where do you start? You could write a tender document or RFP but that will take months. you could get a few suppliers in to take a look and propose a solution, but how would you evaluate them and their technology?

Engaging the team at Impetrabilis will take all of those headaches away.

  • Let us review and redesign your operations based on our many years’ experience of operational management.
  • Let us review technology from multiple best in class vendors and pull a whole end to end solution together.
  • Let us then help you to run a tender process to select a preferred supplier.

We have sat on both sides of the fence, as a technology vendor promoting the best kit we have, an outsourced service provider, challenged to deliver efficiency and cost savings and as buyers of technology and services.