MPS, or Managed Print Services, or even Managed Print Solutions, mean different things to various people and organisations. The Managed Print Services Association (MPSA) define MPS as ‘the active management and optimisation of document output devices and related business processes’. The key words within this definition are ‘active management’.  Many organisations still have a printing infrastructure that has grown organically over many years based on local tactical decisions and individual user’s demands.  This invariably leads to a sub-optimal print infrastructure with high overall cost of ownership.

There are numerous statistics quoted by suppliers of MPS suggesting that most organisations have more devices than they need, have high support costs, low utilisation of assets etc.

These include:

  • Most organisations do not know the full cost of printing across the business
  • Industry statistics show that most organisations spend between 1% and 3% of revenue on printed output
  • Un-managed print will have higher costs and lower service levels
  • Active management of print will reduce costs by 20% to 40%

A true managed print services (MPS) can deliver significant benefits but most importantly; it needs to ensure that the right equipment is in the right place and available at the right time to meet the needs of the Users.

Our unique, independent and unbiased approach ensures that an organisation wishing to implement an MPS gets the right solution to meet their specific requirements. We can help you understand your current position and define your requirements.  We can support the procurement of the MPS including supplier selection. We can lead the deployment using our project and change management expertise.  We can assist with on-going contract management and continual service improvement.


Latest news…

The team at Impetrabilis are excited to announce that they are now have access to the industry leading MPS assessment toolkit from NewField IT. The Asset DB analytics platform will enable our consultants and clients to optimise three crucial steps in a company’s business process: office assets, user printing behaviors and document workflows, to help organisations make informed business decisions based on factual data.

Asset DB is only typically available to approved equipment manufacturers, partners, resellers and distributors therefore Impetrabilis are the only independent document process consultants using the toolkit and totally technology agnostic.

For more detail about AssetDB and how the tools, added to our unique independent position,  can deliver significant benefits to your MPS programme, take a look at
The MPS assessment utilises a combination of on location data gathering, key user and stakeholder interviews, technology audits and volumetric analysis to deliver:

  • A detailed TCO report
  • PDF floor maps detailing user, department, volume and technology profiles
  • A Current State Report
  • Environmental footprint mapping
  • Analysis of paper intensive processes
  • Future state solution design


With Impetrabilis being expert in document process outsourcing, we are unrivalled in our ability to design a complete end to end MPS solution that includes people, processes and technology.