The team at Impetrabilis are excited to announce that they are now have access to the industry leading document process assessment toolkit from NewField IT.

The Asset DB analytics platform will enable our consultants and clients to optimise three crucial steps in a company’s business process: office assets, user printing behaviors and document workflows, to help organisations make informed business decisions based on factual data.

Asset DB is only typically available to approved equipment manufacturers, partners, resellers and distributors therefore Impetrabilis are the only independent document process consultants using the toolkit and totally technology agnostic.

The MPS assessment utilises a combination of on location data gathering, key user and stakeholder interviews, technology audits and volumetric analysis to deliver:
• A detailed TCO report
• PDF floor maps detailing user, department, volume and technology profiles
• A Current State Report
• Environmental footprint mapping
• Analysis of paper intensive processes
• Future state solution design

With Impetrabilis being expert in document process outsourcing, we are unrivalled in our ability to design a complete end to end MPS solution that includes people, processes and technology.