The Impetrabilis team provide expert consultancy support for the following services..

Technical Solution Design

We keep saying that we’re technology agnostic but we are always at the forefront with knowledge of the latest technologies available, the benefits, options, technology providers and support levels. We use this knowledge to design solutions for document intensive processes that meet the exact needs of our clients and users. We then go to market to help source the best in class provider of each technology component and manage the integration and delivery.

Operational Solution Design

We are expert in operational delivery of outsourced (or insourced) document services. We have our own operational excellence processes which we can adapt and adopt for implementation across your document services operations. Our expertise enables true integration of document related services through multi-skilling and cross training, creating efficiencies, cost benefits and employee development.

Outsourcing Tender Support

So you’re working for a large corporation and have a problem. You spend far too much of your time managing support services such as internal mail, printing, copying, scanning and the headaches that go with it – managing staff, sickness, cover for holidays, training, development etc. Your colleagues and peers complain about poor service delivery and your superiors wonder why the competition appear to be one step ahead with technology.

You take a look at the management information and try to understand where the problem is. You find that the problem is in the fact that the MI is limited so you cannot manage or analyse any measurements to find ways to improve.

“Outsource it all” someone advises – a great idea you think, let the experts manage the service while I get on with my day job and core business.

Now where do you start? You could write a tender document or RFP but that will take months. you could get a few suppliers in to take a look and propose a solution, but how would you evaluate them and their technology?

Engaging the team at Impetrabilis will take all of those headaches away.

  • Let us review and redesign your operations based on our many years’ experience of operational management.
  • Let us review technology from multiple best in class vendors and pull a whole end to end solution together.
  • Let us then help you to run a tender process to select a preferred supplier.

We have sat on both sides of the fence, as a technology vendor promoting the best kit we have, an outsourced service provider, challenged to deliver efficiency and cost savings and as buyers of technology and services.

Proposal Response Support

Responding to ITTs, RFPs, and PQQs is extremely time consuming and tends to take Sales people away from what’s they’re good at – identifying opportunities and developing relationships. Let Impetrabilis develop the response to your prospects through solution design, drafting of a proposal, ensuring compliance to the ITT requirements, project managing and administering the entire proposal submission.

Product Evaluation & Research

You’ve made a decision on what solution is needed and now need to go to market and find the right supplier and partner for the technology or hardware.  You have many potential partners knocking on your door and offering a variety of solutions that sound like they will work for you – but how did you set them apart?

You could run a procurement process through an RFP but will still need independent support to investigate, validate and sense-check the proposed technology. Let Impetrabilis work with you using our knowledge and relationships will all major service providers to ensure that you are being sold a future proof and scalable solution that is commercially and operationally viable.

Service Delivery & Vendor Reviews

Impetrabilis has relationships with all major hardware and software technology providers in the document process outsourcing industry. We know the strengths and weaknesses of all of them, we keep abreast of changing strategies, industry trends, market research and technology driven opportunities.

Allow us to provide support to ensure that your suppliers are delivering the best in class service, technology and value that they are capable of.

Document Scanning & Workflow – The Digital Mailroom

Traditionally, scanning of documents was driven by the need to scan to archive and store documents electronically as an alternative to microfilm or to implement an expensive custom designed solution for a specific document process. With the recent growth in cloud based services, scanning of all documents is fast becoming the norm for collaboration, distribution and workflow.

The team at Impetrabilis have extensive knowledge of the ‘digital mailroom’ and can investigate, research, design,  implement, support and train your resources to deliver a leading edge digital solution.

Mail Service & Courier Reviews

Another minefield in the world of document processing is in the variety of methods, price bands, suppliers and restrictions for physical mail delivery.  With Hybrid Mail, and Downstream Access fast becoming a viable alternative to Royal Mail, let Impetrabilis evaluate your outbound document profile and establish the best options for you, your business needs and commercial drivers.

Managed Print Services

Impetrabilis is in a unique position to provide consultancy support for MPS projects as we are truly manufacturer independent and technology agnostic. Click on this link to read more.. 

Document Composition & Transactional Print

Transitioning from legacy systems and processes to take advantage of modern technologies, trends and services is sometimes very challenging. Being able to take advantage of multi-channel delivery, Hybrid mail and white paper solutions requires extensive knowledge of data, formats, technologies and systems to transform your data into a useable ‘digital’ format.  The team at Impetrabilis has this knowledge and experience and can help you to move into the digital ages with solutions that can accept any kind of data and output in a variety of formats and media.

Print Management

The procurement of print and the selection management of various suppliers puts a drain on resources. Print Management is a profession, knowledge of print processes, the market, design and the impact on print output are all vital components of a print management function. Impetrabilis can support your print management function from supplier selection, benchmarking, procurement, negotiation and ongoing management.

Project Management

With a Prince 2 accredited team that has the knowledge of document processes, let us manage your projects through, supplier selection and procurement, Implementation, Transition & Transformation.

Management Reporting

“You cannot manage what you don’t measure”. This is something we hear a lot and are frequently amazed at how many organisations do not measure performance of suppliers and services through management information data gathering and analysis.

We have the tools to capture performance data and volumetrics relating to any document service. We can create monthly management information report templates to allow you (or your customer) to understand volumes and performance against SLAs and KPIs.

Data gathering & Analysis

The team at Impetrabilis are excited to announce that they are now have access to the industry leading document process assessment toolkit from NewField IT. The Asset DB analytics platform will enable our consultants and clients to optimise three crucial steps in a company’s business process: office assets, user printing behaviors and document workflows, to help organisations make informed business decisions based on factual data.

Asset DB is only typically available to approved equipment manufacturers, partners, resellers and distributors therefore Impetrabilis are the only independent document process consultants using the toolkit and totally technology agnostic.

The MPS assessment utilises a combination of on location data gathering, key user and stakeholder interviews, technology audits and volumetric analysis to deliver:

  • A detailed TCO report
  • PDF floor maps detailing user, department, volume and technology profiles
  • A Current State Report
  • Environmental footprint mapping
  • Analysis of paper intensive processes
  • Future state solution design

With Impetrabilis being expert in document process outsourcing, we are unrivalled in our ability to design a complete end to end MPS solution that includes people, processes and technology.

User Group Workshops

We strongly believe that the most important person when trying to implement a change, new technology or process is the End User. Their ‘coal face’ knowledge is invaluable and their buy in to any change project is crucial to its success. Impetrabilis has vast experience in gathering valuable information and opinions though conducting User Workshops and has seen major projects being re-written following factual evidence being obtained through working with End Users that otherwise would have been missed.


Are you getting the best from your resources or outsourced service provider? We know all of the major ‘players’ in the world of document processing, their strategies, technology, strengths and weaknesses. Allow us to review your service provider and provide an impartial report on the service you are receiving. This report can cover, commercial, contractual and operational reviews to ensure that you are furnished with the correct advice and knowledge to review your supply partners.

Training & Operational Best Practice

The Impetrabilis Team has a strong heritage in operational service delivery, or ‘service excellence’ as most people call it. Allow us to review your operations to ensure that best practice is being adopted across your central reprographics, mailroom and scanning operations. Training typically means being shown how to use some software of equipment but we can train your people in service delivery and customer services.

We can also review your business processes through conducting ‘Document Process Healthchecks’ to ensure that your document intensive processes are taking advantage of available technology and processes.