The document management industry, like many others, uses ‘buzz phrases’ to catch the eye of potential customers who assume that there is something new being sold. Document Process Outsourcing is the latest term used to promote the outsourcing of document intensive processes, sometimes also known simply as document management, managed services and even facilities management.

DPO is in effect very similar to BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) and ITO (IT Outsourcing) but with more focus on end-to-end document intensive processes, suppliers can optimise specific document workflows and ensure they fit business needs.

Typically it is the office equipment technology companies such as Ricoh, Xerox and Canon that promote DPO as they pursue opportunities to extend their MPS (Managed Print Services) offerings and take on the management of onsite and off site customer operations. These can include print rooms, mail room, and scanning operations.

By outsourcing this and the delivery of the information required to run a business, employees will find the information they need faster and more efficiently.

At Impetrabilis, we have many years of hands on expertise in all aspects of DPO and can provide support to Office Technology providers, Dealers, BPO organisations and even the end user.